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Video Spotlight Looking for something different, something unconventional for your next Team Building event?

Are your people asking for "Something New”?

We have developed a broad range of team building programs that spark creative energy, foster innovation, and build camaraderie.

Zegwaytours.com believes that some of the greatest insights into teamwork are discovered far far away from computers, desks, and telephones.

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Blindfolded Challenges

Employee OrientationsThere are many games that can be done without vision so that the player relies on and trusts their partner, coach or team leader.
Blindfolded activities increase trust, rapport, coaching, listening and communication skills.
People that don't normally know each other (or work well together) find a way to communicate for a common goal.

New employee orientations, celebratory functions and seasonal gatherings all benefit from this great team-building event.

Carnival Games

GamesEnjoy our "Rolling" Midway of fun and games. These old-fashioned Carney games (hoops, rolling pins, ring toss, balancing games, etc) have special solutions that can only be mastered, with help from other team members.
We combine communication, education, and fun in all our Carney Games, and your people will learn to trust their manager, supervisor or coach to help guide them to the "Brass Ring".

Take the old standard "Pony Ride" and put a 21st century spin on it! Indoors or out, our Zegways will delight all riders.


iMovie Making

iMovie MakingNothing really new here, except the entire movie will be made while riding on a Zegway!

The great thing about doing video work is that is demands creativity, and all of the participants will see a side of themselves they do not know existed.

The groups will be divided into teams that will write, act, direct and be crew in a short film. Everybody actively takes part in the moviemaking and is dependant on each other finish the project. Moviemaking is the ultimate teamwork.

Rolling Scavenger Hunt

SatisfactionScavenger hunts are great fun and a wonderful way to get your people to work on their communication and team building skills! Small groups work together to hunt for and find a variety of items, and complete tasks, that require the group to work as a cohesive unit.
Each scavenger hunt can be customized to meet your goals and objectives.

Our clients report tremendous satisfaction with the decision-making process as well as the energy and enthusiasm that accompanies participants back to the workplace.


Previous Events Previous Events

12/11/2004 - Dallas Chapter of BOMA Christmas Party - Red Brick District of Down Town Dallas - Guests enjoyed Zegway Reindeer Races, indoor Hockey, Show & Tell and unlimited rides on the Zegway.

12/25/2004 - Willow Bend Shopping Mall - Christmas Season floor traffic was dramatically increased at Exotic Luxury Rentals. By employing a "Man on a Zegway" busy shoppers stopped & gathered to look at the Zegway.

"Great Job Zegway!! I was the hit of the Mall, sales did increase because of you - Thanks again, Exotic Luxury Rentals"

02/05/2005 - Ursuline Academy Fund Raiser - Intercontinental Hotel Dallas Texas - "Zegway Party for 6" was the premier silent auction item. One Zegway on display & another offering free rides in the Grand Ballroom! Great way to create revenue for the School and a very popular item.

02/12/2005 - Myrtle Street Jazz Festival - Hotel Adolphus - "Zegway Party for 6" used as a silent auction item. One Zegway on display & another offering free rides in the Grand Ballroom! Great way to create revenue for the School and a very popular item. Cocktails at 6:30 Dinner at 7:30 Black Tie Optional

02/26/2005 - Bishop Lynch High School - World Trade Center Dallas Texas - "Zegway Party for 6" used as a silent auction item. One Zegway on display & another offering free rides in the Grand Ballroom! Great way to create revenue for the private and a Very popular item.

03/08/2005 - Grand Opening - DuPre Industries open house party, food, drinks & live Band. Free Zegway rides for the guests, as always a big hit with the crowd.

04/09/2005 - Junior Achievement's Dallas Business Hall of Fame Reception & Silent Auction - Farimont Hotel - "Zegway Party for 6" used as a silent auction item.

04/24/2005 - Private Birthday Party for High school age boys. Played Zegway Polo & ran timed events.

5/06/2005 - Orion Antique importers Dallas TX - Zegways used to amuse & entertain guest at the annual customer appreciation party.

"We are having a Crawfish Boil for our vendors and friends on the street. It would be nice to have the segways here for fun and amusement. " Orion Antique importers

05/07/2005 - Old City Park - NAMI Dallas event - Zegways hired to act as course monitors. The Zegways proved to be the most efficient way to monitor traffic & keep runners on course. Over all safety of all participants was enhanced by the mobility of the Zegways!

08/19/2005 - Fun Fair Day at J.C. Penney - J.C. Penny Corp & United Way Fund raiser - J.C. Penny Headquarters Plano Texas, CEO joined in the fun with a trip around the track on his own Segway.

08/25/2005 - Los Colinas Film Studios, Team Building - Futuristic theme - Zegways used in a "Crazy Olympics" rely races. CEO rode in to announce "Let he Games begin".

09/17/05 - Private Party - Plano Balloon watching party on Private estate, 96 RSVP's, Zegways used as entertainment & amusement rides.