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This is great Entertainment for your guests!

What theme will you select for your next birthday party, seasonal celebration, office party, milestone & special occasion?

Everyone loves scooters, just add a few Zegways to your party & invitations and be prepared to experience 100% RSVP’s.

School sports move a lot smother when you’re on a silent electric scooter.

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Party Ideas

How about a Western theme? This is Texas Ya’all. You supply the sheriff’s badge, mustache, handcuffs and bandannas; we will provide the wheeled horses :-)

Party Ideas - Polo MatchLet’s saddle up & go for a ride, just watch out for those desperado’s & their squirt guns.

Can you imagine playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey with Zegways…

One of our best games is Zegway Polo, indoors or out, just a lot of fun.


Holiday Gatherings

Holiday GatheringsFrom the 4th of July to a Christmas affair, Zegways will provide a unique & memorable way to amuse your guests. Indoor Hockey Games, Reindeer Races, unlimited rides, lots of fun.





School Ideas

School IdeasScience class at it’s finest. What better way to inspire our children than to awe them mentally & physically? Hands on technical review of the inner working of a Segway along with a personal ride on the ultimate balance machine.

Zegway Parties are frequently used as fundraisers & silent auction items. Find a sponsor to fund the party & they will have their name on the coolest auction item ever!

Previous Events

5/06/2005 - Orion Antique importers Dallas TX  - Zegways used to amuse & entertain guests at the annual customer appreciation party.

"We are having a Crawfish Boil for our vendors and friends on the street.  It would be nice to have the segways here for fun and amusement. " Orion Antique importers
04/24/2005 - Private Birthday Party for High school boys. Played Zegway Polo & competed in timed events.

03/12/2005 - Greenville Avenue St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Greenville Avenue, Dallas.  11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

03/08/2005 - Grand Opening - DuPre Industries open house party, food, drinks & live Band. Free Zegway rides for the guests, as always a big hit with the crowd.

01/31/2005 - Community Service - Ursuline Academy of Dallas - Segway Demo -
Visiting Chinese exchange students enjoyed riding & testing the technology of the Zegway.

12/11/2004 - Dallas Chapter of BOMA Christmas Party - Red Brick District of Down Town Dallas - Guests enjoyed Zegway Reindeer Races, indoor Hockey, Show & Tell and unlimited rides on the Zegway

12/01/2004 - Plano Central High School - Science Teacher arranged for Zegways to be demonstrated & operated by the students. The event was covered by two local newspapers & broadcasted that evening by Dallas Channel 5.

11/20/2004 -Winston School - Texas State Fair, Automobile Building - Zegwaytours provided Free Demonstration rides for hundreds of young children in 2004, and will Participate again in 2005. www.winstonscience.org/wsci/