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a notice or announcement in a public medium promoting a product, service, or event

ORIGIN late Middle English (denoting a statement calling attention to something)

Zegways define the statement of “calling attention to something”

When you employ these mobile Billboards, your message & product will be seen and remembered.

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Advertisement Agencies

Radio, TV, newspaper, magazine, Internet ads, direct response print media, podcasts…… what’s next?  What works, what will provide the greatest R.O.I?

Top HatZegwaytours & meccadesign.com will add mobility to your existing campaigns and assist with the imaginative development of any concept you present to your clients. This “Top Hat” concept was developed for a “Monopoly” Tradeshow theme. Notice the actor is riding a Segway while moving his extra set of legs.




Mobile Billboards

Zegway Mobile BillboardsRemember the old “Sandwich Boards”, carried by an individual. The two boards carried advertising messages, typically deployed in busy pedestrian areas. The wearer would also pass out flyers or shout advertising slogans. Sandwich boards were most popular in the 19th Century.


egway Mobile Billboards




Zeg-Signs are your 21st Century Mobile “Sandwich Boards”. Modern or old, Up close & personal is the best advertising.




Product Dispensing

Zegways hand out thousands of product samples on the sidewalks and public areas of Dallas/Fort Worth. The Zegways always attract a tremendous amount of attention, and every sample our team distributes will make a lasting impression, making your campaign a success.

Sports Events

Zegways can carry the Ball at your next Sporting Event; Fly across the field and even carry the Mascot around. Interact with the crowd before, during & after the event.

Previous Events

10/26/2004 - BusinessPlace 2004 - Dallas Market Hall - Hundreds of excited visitors stopped by a Trade Show Booth for a Test ride! - Region¹s largest business-to-business trade show features over 250 exhibitors, 2,500 attendees.

11/23/2004 - Independent Insurance Agents of America. All Insurance Day - Intercontinental Hotel - Trade Show "Push" Program, Free Rides attracted a large crowd. Traffic to the booth increased by 200% plus!

12/06/2004 - Parade -Local merchant uses Zegways to advertise ! - RICHARDSON,TEXAS (Dec. 6, 2004) Richardson celebrated the start of the holiday season Saturday with its 33rd Annual Christmas Parade. The event drew 130 entries and more than 3,000 participants. 1st Place Decorated Vehicle Shops of Bayberry Square (5 Segways/Drill Team)

12/25/2004 - Willow Bend Shopping Mall - Christmas Season floor traffic was dramatically increased at Exotic Luxury Rentals. By employing a "Man on a Zegway" busy shoppers stopped & gathered to look at the Zegway.

"Great Job Zegway!! I was the hit of the Mall, sales did increase because of you - Thanks again, Exotic Luxury Rentals"

Fellowship Church in Grapevine, TX. bmc advertising - www.bmcadv.com Trade Show "Push" Program, Free Rides attracted a large crowd thru out the 2 day tradeshow. Traffic to the booth increased by 150% plus!

03/08/2005 - Grand Opening - DuPre Industries open house party, food, drinks & live Band. Free Zegway rides for the guests, as always a big hit with the crowd.